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Respect the Anchor by eat.sleep.wear.
May 6, 2010, 8:27 pm
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So I couldn’t wait to strut around town with my screen printed anchor tote. I can imagine stuffing a beach towel in here, or a packed sandwich, or even some fresh flowers. I feel like a little sailer in my blue dress with the crisp collar. So the anchor was very fitting. This is one of the first times my little feet have seen the light of day. Let’s just say that I didn’t paint my toesies yet and Melissa would yell at me for no toe polish. So we will keep a nice distance back from them, K? I am starting to get REALLY excited for Summer. Please come faster!!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!

dress: forever21
belt: UO
sandals: bandalino
tote: CXXVI Clothing Co.


It’s on, Neon by melissamenard
May 6, 2010, 7:57 am
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I’ve been cutting back on my shopping lately. I was doing so well until I saw this shirt, or should I say, until this shirt and it’s magnetic pull forced me to take it home with a gun to my head. Eeeeek, the things I’ll do for a little neon…

shirt: HnM
jeans: Citizen
jellies: Grendha Jelly
cardi: J.Crew outlet
shades: RayBan
colorful bracelets: HnM
watch: Michael Kors
misc. necklaces and rings
nail color: Bizerk Turq by Color Club
song: Deadbeat Summer by Neon Indian

Ode to Carrie by eat.sleep.wear.
May 4, 2010, 9:41 pm
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Carrie Bradshaw that is. This flower has sat amongst many other accessories in a drawer for WAY too long. The minute I saw this I knew it was going to turn me into the fabulous Carrie Bradshaw the instant I pinned it to my little black dress. Well, I will say, this flower brightened up this simple dress. I was headed to the orchestra this night. Something classic would have to do. I also went with a BRIGHT pink lip and virtually no eye makeup (see last photo!) Thanks to my trusty curling iron, 5 minutes later I was ready to go. I also have to thank our reader CarrieNYC for taking these photos for me and making me laugh!! I know everyone out there loves Carrie and her style as much as I do! Carrie can I be your friend??? HA!

dress: uo
flower: club monaco
heels: steve madden
lip gloss: MAC pink poodle

HAVE ME NOW by Jenna
May 3, 2010, 10:40 pm
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Here are your 3 must-have summer products–get them NOW!

1. Tweezerman for Benefit
A friend recently asked what I was doing different to my brows and I had let them go for a few weeks (4 weeks to be exact). It was time to do some work and get them back to their usual groomed state. Brows are a very important part of the clean, bronzed, fresh face, therefore, you should have the right tools to shape and groom. My favorite tweeze masters, Tweezerman, and Benefit cosmetics have teamed up to help you groom in style. These tweezers are super cool and work wonders. But, the worst thing you can do is over-pluck. Beware and be cautious not to get tweezer happy. How cute are these!?! Thank you Tweezerman and Benefit!

2. Lancome Color Design (Matte) in Red Haute or Posh Pink
My new obsession is a matte lip – red, pink or both mixed. It’s fast and easy but sure gets people looking and talking. I am the queen of a neutral wardrobe (black, white and gray with occasional pops of color) but now I don’t feel so guilty wearing all black as long as I throw on my lip. The lipstick below has a pretty awesome chemistry – it stays on through drinks and a meal with little to no maintenance. Those of you who know me are well-aware that I am not high maintenance when it comes to my own makeup – I’d prefer to worrying about someone else’s makeup. This is a must-have for summer!

3. Chanel Inimitable Mascara
Try it and I know you will agree… I love it! I know my mascaras and this is my current favorite. You can do one coat for a natural lash or one after another to get a more dramatic lash. I tend to lean more toward the drama!

laced with grace by melissamenard
May 3, 2010, 10:28 pm
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Laughter is a drug.

This is a real smile, a real doubled-over chuckle, a real glimpse into a coffee break and blog photoshoot with Shannon and I. None of the other photos matter after this one… we needed to laugh that day.

I dedicate this post to Shannon – my friend and photographer – for being so great, so beautiful and so incredibly funny.

tights: Urban Outfitters
boots: Madewell
trench: Gap
shorts: Old Navy
disc necklace: Camille Hempel
song: Gimmie by She Keeps Bees (saw her live and love her even more now)

Neutrals by eat.sleep.wear.
May 2, 2010, 7:27 pm
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Brian always tells me to put down my black clothing and pick up some white or color. This day I listened. Hahahahaha. It was all about neutral colors and tones. I have been dying to wear this new jacket from the H&M Garden Collection! I find it a great alternative to the classic trench because of its bubbly shape. It’s also light weight and will allow me to wear it further into the summer.

jacket: h&m garden collection
tee: h&m
necklace: self made via old junk
jeans: forever21
boots: target

longboat key by melissamenard
April 29, 2010, 8:55 pm
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I really wanted a tacky Florida t-shirt. Mission. Accomplished.

Happy Friday!

kids t-shirt: from Longboat Key ($5.99)
shorts: J.Crew outlet
wedges: Nine West
song: Summerboy by Gaga