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HAVE ME NOW by Jenna
May 3, 2010, 10:40 pm
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Here are your 3 must-have summer products–get them NOW!

1. Tweezerman for Benefit
A friend recently asked what I was doing different to my brows and I had let them go for a few weeks (4 weeks to be exact). It was time to do some work and get them back to their usual groomed state. Brows are a very important part of the clean, bronzed, fresh face, therefore, you should have the right tools to shape and groom. My favorite tweeze masters, Tweezerman, and Benefit cosmetics have teamed up to help you groom in style. These tweezers are super cool and work wonders. But, the worst thing you can do is over-pluck. Beware and be cautious not to get tweezer happy. How cute are these!?! Thank you Tweezerman and Benefit!

2. Lancome Color Design (Matte) in Red Haute or Posh Pink
My new obsession is a matte lip – red, pink or both mixed. It’s fast and easy but sure gets people looking and talking. I am the queen of a neutral wardrobe (black, white and gray with occasional pops of color) but now I don’t feel so guilty wearing all black as long as I throw on my lip. The lipstick below has a pretty awesome chemistry – it stays on through drinks and a meal with little to no maintenance. Those of you who know me are well-aware that I am not high maintenance when it comes to my own makeup – I’d prefer to worrying about someone else’s makeup. This is a must-have for summer!

3. Chanel Inimitable Mascara
Try it and I know you will agree… I love it! I know my mascaras and this is my current favorite. You can do one coat for a natural lash or one after another to get a more dramatic lash. I tend to lean more toward the drama!


Willow by Jenna
April 9, 2010, 3:56 pm
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Fashion week throwback…

We wanted to use the makeup to bring a sense of strength forward in each girl. While doing this we also wanted to keep them looking as if they didn’t have much makeup on. I explored with a play on color since the starting palette of the collection was amazing I tried a tomato red to portray a “woman with presence.” My goal was to find a way to balance the strength and beauty of each girl but in the most natural way. The hair was pulled back from the face  with a side part which left me with the perfect canvas.

Beauty Inspiration:
Natural faces with a kick. Clean, pretty, not matte or shinny, not too done-just perfect.
Collection Inspiration:
“Eclipse” There is texture, structure, colors like blood red and poison pink set off next to nudes and blacks! Strong and structured yet still feminine in order to enhance the womans form.

Read below to learn how to create this look!

Here is how to create the look:
Start by applying foundation or concealer only where needed. Keep the skin free of unnecessary product. Lightly powder the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) to get rid of shine. Take finger and blot a tomato red lip stick on lips to create a heavy stain. The key is to be generous with the initial amount of product on your finger and keep blotting! Don’t worry about the soft edges…that is how you keep it raw and less painted. The soft edges make it effortless; the bold color screams strength!

Natural Finish Cream Concealer-NEW FOR FALL 2010
Translucent Powder
Perfect Mascara Defining Volume-Black (BK 901)-NEW FOR FALL 2010
Perfect Rouge – Valentine (415)

Buy the Shiseido products here, read more about Willow by visiting

March 3, 2010, 9:32 pm
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Beauty Inspiration: Lauren Bacall, 1920’s Glamour
Collection Inspiration: Francis Bacon-color blocking, flesh and blood

After looking through the collection, Geren and I spoke about the direction the makeup should take. She told me her vision and ideas, I shared my opinions and thoughts and then I got to work! Since I had a clear understanding of where Geren wanted to go, there was no hesitation in creating this look. I knew it had to be a combination of sultry-glamor with a touch of goth. But we had to be careful. We needed it to be not too glam, not too overdone, not too dark, not too tame… just the right mix. I think we nailed it! I kept it “not too glam” by skipping false lashes. I didn’t let it get “too dark” by using shimmer shadows that reflect light so even the dark gray shadow didn’t look heavy. To keep it a bit “undone” I left the brows, as there was no grooming necessary. I stayed away from “tame” with the shade of the lip. This is where I brought the Francis Bacon in. Think blood.

Want to create this look? Read below.

Here is how to create the look:
Apply foundation where needed to get flawless skin, dust powder all over face. Place extra layers of powder under eyes to collect unwanted shadow that falls (brush away after shadow step is complete).  Take a black pencil and trace your lash line from corner to corner top and bottom. Blend out the liner with a shimmery taupe shadow to diffuse the line. Stay below the crease of the lid with the shadow to create just the right intensity around the eye. Over the taupe shadow dust a gunmetal shadow over top focusing on the lash line (basically retrace the liner remains) and blend upwards still staying below the crease. Using a volume mascara put 2-3 coats on the top and bottom lashes. Line lips with red pencil, apply color, then place one layer of tissue over the lips and dust a translucent powder over top to get the semi matte finish. Use a matte taupe contour color to lightly shade directly below the cheek bone high on the face swept towards the ear. Reapply the black pencil in the inside corner of the eyes and there you have it!

Natural Finish Cream Concealer-NEW FOR FALL 2010
Translucent Powder
Luminizing Satin Eye Color Treo -Fire (OR 302)-NEW FOR FALL 2010
Luminizing Satin Eye Color -Alchemy (RD709)
Smoothing Eyeliner Pencil- Black (BK 901)
Perfect Mascara Defining Volume-Black (BK 901)-NEW FOR FALL 2010
Smoothing Lip Pencil-Siren (RD 305)
Perfect Rouge -Dragon (RD514) and Mystery (RD 613)

Buy the Shiseido products here, read more about Geren Ford on Nylon magazines website or visit the Geren Ford site

Photos by Morgan O’Donovan

part four: araks presentation by melissamenard
February 18, 2010, 11:54 pm
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As always, it’s a pleasure to work with Araks! Something that’s fun for me, is that she is very much involved with the beauty aspect of her show. Without fail, Araks sits or stands close-by observing the transformations happening in the makeup chair and tries to resist the urge to do it herself. She is hands-on some makeup artists might not like this but I don’t mind. I love that she can appreciate the colors and textures of the makeup as she does with her fabrics and clothes. This season we decided to step away from the younger girl and moved to a more sophisticated woman.

the amazing Araks collection

Jenna and Melissa

a food and fashion blogger from our hometown, Michael from The Couture Kitchen and Melissa, giggling at their stupid blogger poses

Beauty Inspiration:
A flare of feminine, subtle beauty. The collection has a slight toughness about it and we wanted to create a balance without looking like to much makeup. The girls should be simply beautiful.

Collection Inspiration:
Dr. Zhivago

Want to create this look?
Start off with beautiful skin and try to keep it from looking as if you applied a lot of makeup. Foundation where needed – only to take away redness and blemishes. Blend two shades of brown shadow together creating a murky brown shimmer and wash over the lid and around the eye. Stay focused below the crease of the eye lid. Skip mascara and allow the shading to be the main attraction for the eye. A deep plum matte lip creates a strong stained look. You can use a matte color or powder down a normal lip stick. In this case, I used a lip liner as a matte base,  added the lip color, and powdered the lips with translucent face powder. This creates a perfect matte shade of deep plum.

Products by Shiseido
Dual Balancing Foundation
Luminizing Satin Eye Color Treo (BR 307)-New for Fall 2010
Smoothing Lip Pencil in Hazel (BE 701)
Perfect Rouge in Gilded Wine (RS 612)
Translucent Powder

In hiding by Jenna
January 13, 2010, 6:40 pm
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A friend emailed me this week with some beauty questions and then, it dawned on me… it’s about time I give you Crowded Closet readers some beauty advice as well. Sure, you like to pick out your outfits and go shopping, but I can’t let you forget about your beauty routine. Let’s make you beautiful or, shall I say,  more beautiful!

Q: I’m wondering if you could give me some advice. I’m trying to pick up a few things that will brighten me up in the dead of winter. Can you recommend an under eye concealer that will lie to me really well and make me not look so tired when I’m working on just hours of sleep?

A: It all really depends on your skin at the moment…more specifically, your skin under your eyes. Since it’s winter your skin might be a bit dry so you need to get a concealer that has some moisture in it. If you are keeping your skin properly hydrated then you should be fine to use almost anything. In all honestly there are TON of products out there. But it’s more about finding the right one for you. Here are a few of my favorites:

Stila Perfecting Concealer

Shiseido Corrector Pencil

Secret Camouflage Concealer*1*24*-1*-1*11

DIORSKIN Sculpt’diorskin’_sculpt_concealer:170274&cm_ven=Froogle&mr:trackingCode=B6DECFFD-D981-DE11-B712-001422107090&mr:referralID=NA

Nars Concealer

I’m workin for it! by Jenna
December 23, 2009, 12:18 pm
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I put myself together before a shoot or at least before last night I thought I did. I never wear too much makeup, my hair is usually tousled and a bit messy, my style is fairly basic I have been told by a stylist friend it’s “classic with a little twist.”

Last night I attended the holiday party of a photographer I work with often, but let me start by saying this was not just any photographer- he is quite legendary! This party is always full of familiar faces of the industry; ones I enjoy spending after work hours with! It’s never too fancy, no red carpet (actually there was a red carpet, but no paparazzi or press) just stylists, models, makeup artists, hairstylists, photo editors, fashion editors, agents etc. most of whom I can call friends!

Since I was not working and it was a party I decided to get myself ready as I would for a party…not work! I brushed my hair so it was straight not tousled, put a bit of makeup on and wore heels! I walked in and the photographer put his hand out very nicely and said “Well hello,” clearly thinking he had never met me before (yet I saw him 3 weeks ago!) I  responded with “It’s me, Jenna!” He was shocked. I thought to myself, “Do I really look that different?” Apparently so! Later that night he was teasing with me about looking so different and said “What, did you decide to finally look in the mirror, do your hair, put some eyeliner on and work for it!?”

I can’t help but wonder: should I work harder to get myself ready for work each day? Or should I keep surprising everyone with what a little makeup and hair can actually do for a makeup artist herself?!

“Well, I kind of fell into it.” by Jenna
December 11, 2009, 9:00 am
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I am often asked, “How did you become a makeup artist?” My response, “Well, I kind of fell into it.” Unfortunately about a month ago that saying came true quite literally.

I had a cover shoot with a long time friend and photographer Jason Bell up in the Bronx. Our subject, Emily Blunt! I arrived at the studio a bit early and was waiting for the studio manager to come unlock the space so I could set up and start my day (as per usual). While waiting impatiently, I had to shuffle up and down 2 stairs that led to the door, that lead to the stairwell, that led to the studio. I thought it might be a better idea to wait inside so I lugged my 50 pound makeup kit up the 2 stairs and waited in the stairwell until someone could direct me to the elevator (I was not about to carry it up 3 flights of stairs). About 5 minutes went by and I thought it might be better to go back outside to buzz the studio again just in case someone went in a back entrance and I missed them. Because I can’t leave my makeup kit unattended for more than 2.5 seconds I started to drag my 50 pound bag towards the stairs, but before I knew it I was falling in slow motion towards the concrete sidewalk. I had missed the steps completely and as I was falling I was thinking to myself “I’m going to crack my tailbone, break a wrist, sprain an ankle, and bust my head open.” Then I hit the ground. Luckily there were 5 people on the street that saw the whole thing and without any hesitation grabbed my arms and pulled me up. I was in shock. They were all asking “Miss, are you ok,” “Are you hurt,” “Can we do anything for you” and to be honest I didn’t even know what hit me (or should I say what I hit). I started moving different parts of my body and realized miraculously I was totally fine; not one scratch, bump or bruise to be found! I dusted myself off, gathered myself for a minute and eventually made it up to the studio via elevator.

Of course I couldn’t resist and shared my morning fall story with the entire photo crew and they all laughed it up (yes, even Emily)…I don’t think it would have been that funny if their makeup artist had to go to the hospital for stitches and a cast. Instead, we had seamless day and came out with more than enough images for the story and a cover to boot! I think I was happy to be alive so I was able rock out a stunning makeup look for the wonderful, and very talented, Emily Blunt – see for yourself!

Photographer: Jason Bell

Stylist: Vanessa Moore

Makeup: Jenna Menard

Hair: Lisa-Raquel