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Sundrenched world
April 27, 2010, 8:53 pm
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There’s only one place to wear a dress like this: Florida. The dress was shining bright amidst Sarasota’s tackiness (ok, it really wasn’t that tacky at all). But I wonder: can I pull this dress off in NYC? Maybe over a bathing suit on the Jitney? We’ll seeeeeee.

I’d like to extend a big thank you to my sister, Anna, for taking these great photos. She gets an extra ice cream scoop tonight for being such a good sister – no hand signals though, Anna.

dress: vintage at the Brooklyn Flea
jellies: Grendha Jelly
slip: Victoria’s Secret (because the dress is totally transparent)
misc. bracelets
song: One Less Bell To Answer by Barbra Streisand (thanks to Glee)


happy camper
April 25, 2010, 9:02 pm
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This is me waiting outside of the Tampa airport for the rest of the crew to arrive for our girls-only vacation. I had already shed my sweatshirt and my black skinnies in the airport bathroom and threw the boots back on. This was 8:30am. I was exhausted and still really sick at this point. Good thing I had shades on to cover the mess! More vacation photos to come soon!

It proceeded to rain for the first two days of our trip and I went shopping in the rain in these boots, my bare legs and a sundress. I got so many compliments on these boots everywhere I went. Florida – get it together. I didn’t photograph that look, though… sorry blog lovers. You’ll see me wearing that look all Spring. Calm down.

shirt: I have no idea
shorts: Old Navy
boots: Madewell
shades: RayBan

Blue lips, blue veins
April 22, 2010, 8:18 am
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The most human color.

I know what you’re thinking: jeggings as pants… no. Yes is what you should be saying. Yes to these jeggings! Look how weird they are! I was really comfortable sporting these cotton legs on what was a casual Friday. I’m tired of stiff denim. I’m tired of all black all the time. This day was gloomy – literally – and I was sick with another cold so I threw on some red lips to distract from the fact that my Friday felt colorless. Annnnd we were still waiting for Joey to get his act together for lunch. Always waiting for Crowded Joey! Grrr. Can you tell I’m ready for vacation? I’m dancing around with a torn meniscus. Get me outta here!

tee: Hanes men’s
blazer: White House Black Market
tights: Urban Outfitters
various rings: ABC Furniture, Brooklyn Flea and Catbird
shoes: Chelsea Crew
song: Blue Lips by Regina Spektor

April 21, 2010, 8:12 am
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Kim + Melissa on graduation day! So cute. Notice that they both graduated with Honors. Our Parents were so proud!! Happy Wednesday 🙂

April 20, 2010, 8:20 am
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Sometimes you feel like dressing like a grown up. I’m a huge fan of the white t-shirt and pencil skirt office attire. If I had to wear suits everyday I would definitely have fitted t-shirts as my staples. I think everyone should own high quality t-shirts for this very reason. I have this one in black as well and they are holding up really nicely. Club Monaco has some cute ones for sale right now. Go go go!

tee: White House Black Market
skirt: J.Crew outlets
sash: from a pair of pants
shades: RayBan
shoes: Steve Madden
song: Heart It Races by Dr. Dog

April 15, 2010, 9:31 pm
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Everybody needs someone to look up to…

I am constantly inspired by fashionable women everywhere. And although I have a preference for real women (as opposed to celebrities) I think these two women straddle the line between fame and normalcy pretty stylishly. Below are two of my current obsessions: Yasmin Sewell and Leigh Lezark. Notice the nuances in their style: a.) a neutral palette (mostly black/navy) which they pepper with bright accent colors, b.) a distinct, ownable hairstyle, c.) angles, d.) asymmetry, e.) attitude and f.) muted femininity. I should tattoo these attributes on my ribcage. Dramatic? Oh hell yes….  g.) drama.

Both of these ladies seem über petite (and maybe a little hungry) but I think they shape their tiny frames with just the right amount of scale. Well done. Bravo. Love the hair. Now go! Meet up with Kim and eat some cupcakes.

: Yasmin Sewell :

: Leigh Lezark :

Photos via The Sartorialist, and Refinery29

when pigs fly
April 13, 2010, 8:54 pm
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How often do you see a person dressed in an animal costume OUTSIDE of Disney World? Not very often. Well there was a creepy pig walking about on 5th Avenue the other day. uhhhhhhYEA. So what did we do? We chased it. Casually. We tried to photograph Mr. Pig without him knowing. It didn’t work. He came up behind us and tapped me on the shoulder. I shrieked (hi, I’m 6 years old). But. don’t! touch. me. dude. As you see I got over it and we posed for a picture together. Happy family.

dress: Old Navy ($8!)
belt: my mom’s
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
cardigan: Ralph Lauren
necklace: Zachary’s Smile
tote: from the Chictopia conference
song: Water by Lauryn Hill