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Mama said there’d be days like this by melissamenard
May 14, 2010, 7:13 am
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Dear world,

Once upon a blog we wore great clothes
We took great photos
We defined our styles.

We broke hearts
We broke banks
And in the end, became better friends.

Our closets will remain crowded
But our joint blog will soon be empty.

This is the final post for Crowded Closet. We are moving on, splitting up and shutting it down—but in a good way. Please stay tuned for what comes next for us, and thank you for being such great blog followers. Stay fashionable!

Farewell from Kim Hearts. Hearts and love for one of my great friends Melissa. Melissa and I started Crowded Closet as a way for us to stay connected through our common interest of fashion. The endless funny faces, outfits and other photos sent back and forth have made us the best of friends and defined our own personal styles. I wanted to start the blog to be closer to a friend and was amazed to find a whole community of people I would call my friends. Now is the time for new ideas and new beginnings for the both of us. I am excited to be starting my own blog and will always remember the fun I had with Melissa and thank her for making my closet so crowded. HAHAHA. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for your constant love and support. Stay tuned my new blog will be up soon! xoxoxo, Kim

Farewell from Melissa Fashion blogging has been a really exciting outlet for me. Pushing the limits of my tiny closet, warming up to having my photo taken on the streets of NYC (“put your chin down”), exploring the world of photography, and writing blurbs about my outfits was never tedious–it was loads of fun. The fashion blogging community is such a great community to be a part of and I feel extremely lucky to have shared a successful blog with a great girl within that community. Now what in the heck will I do with my lunch breaks?! Thank you for all the help, Shannon and Jenna. Thank you for all of the support from my friends and family. An extra large thank you to all of the strangers out there that clicked on our url, saved a bookmark and followed our tales. Best of luck to you, Kim, and your independent blog–it’s just the beginning. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us…  xo, Melissa. ps: Happy Birthday, Anna!


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Weel, shoot. I’ll miss the blog, esp. Melissa’s song choices. Best of luck!

Comment by Elle Sees

😦 Frowns.

Comment by Anna K.

oh golly! thats certainly a huge shock! best of luck to both of you for whatever comes your way.


Comment by Hannah

Aww. I’m a little sad now. Good luck to you both! I look forward to Kim’s new blog and whatever comes next for Melissa!

Comment by Jennifer [Aspiring Fashionista]

aw. sad. farewell!

Comment by Alecto

All good things must…

Good luck! (Ps. love your skirt, and your typography. That’s all you need in life really, now isn’t it?)

Comment by Jacqueline

Mel – love how you took your cocktail dress and made it day-wear!
Kim – I feel like we’ve been hangin out and catching up since I’ve been following.

Ladies- you were part of my morning routine. It’s b/c of your blog that I started scouting out the hottest fashion bloggers (you were on top). it’s been real, xoxo

Comment by Candy

Oh gosh, I don’t think I’ve ever felt sad and excited all at the same time!! Kim- Can’t wait to see the new blog!!

Comment by Mel

Sniffles. Will miss you guys. Hugs.
Looking forward to your future endeavors.

Comment by Deepti

Love you both! Excited to see what’s next from you guys! <3333

Comment by andrea

very sad loved your blog checked it everyday! Good Luck to both of you!!!

Comment by Kelsey

i am gonna miss our lunchtime photo shoots. sigh….we had some good times. now I am just gonna subject you to all kinds of crazy experimental shoots for my blog. 🙂

ps: your hair kind of looks good today.

Comment by shannon

Melissa no!! I loved reading your blog and seeing all your amazing outfits. I will def. miss it!!

Comment by Beth Gulotta

I always enjoyed seeing you both on the blog, but I understand that there are many things to explore in life…and the end of a blog does not mean the end of a great friendship! that will live on and on and on!I am looking forward to see what you both come up with next…much love to you both :0)

Comment by Rose Pesch

The best of luck to you both!

Comment by Hannah

Once upon a blog you guys killed it! Stomped it good! Congratz on a successful venture and all the best regarding what’s next!!

Comment by R Kelzz

Best of luck to you ladies. We’ll be looking out fo whatever you decide to do next.

Comment by Trishna

Awww…..well best of luck to you both. Melissa-I hope you will continue blogging as well! Loved the outfits!

Comment by L.

Melissa hope to hear from your new blog:) You girls rule and have an amazing style.

Thank you Melissa for your appreciation , it means a lot.

Have a lovely week.

Comment by Ana

best of luck to you both!

Comment by fashion butter

I am excited to see both of your new amazing blogs!!

Comment by taylor

Oh, I’m sadddddd! But I’m excited for new things!!

Comment by Tieka, Selective Potential

Kim thank you so much for the lovely comment:)

I’m anxious to see your new blogs:)

Comment by Ana

Kim I’m waiting for the new blog:)

where is it:)

Comment by Ana

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