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April 14, 2010, 9:31 pm
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Walking around Philadelphia this week looks like I have stepped into some beautiful painting. The trees are bursting with color and the most amazing fragrances imaginable. Bare legs, short skirts, and short sleeves. Every day I feel like we are one step closer to summer! I paired this fitted skirt with a looser more casual striped tee shirt. The product being something that is still very playful. So, I swirled and I twirled in the street. It’s just what I do!

shirt + skirt: forever21
necklace: courtesy of Jaecmaie
shoes: nicole
shades: forever21


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Give me that belt now. Or else.

You look so pretty! Love this outfit!

Comment by Kendi Lea

HAHAHAHAHA. your funny. I wish I remembered where I bought it from? It says HOT KISS on it? xo, Kim

Comment by kimpesch

OMG you don’t even know how much I love this outfit. I NEED that skirt. We should borrow each other’s clothes soon…so I can wear that skirt and belt!! Seriously..let’s swap some clothes for a couple weeks. I love you dear, you are GORGEOUS! Brian took some fab photos!

Comment by Andrea Kerbuski

I can’t get enough of grey paired with yellow. I just think it looks so divine. Gorgeous pics!

Comment by SWF_Terra

That yellow belt is a lovely pop of color, and I love love love key necklaces. I buy old keys and then get chains from a craft store to make my own… I love imagining what things they opened!

Comment by dressdarling

Oh gosh, these photos are just stunning! I love those trees!

Comment by Tieka, Selective Potential

mmm the trees look like candy that i want to eat! xo, Kim

Comment by kimpesch

This outfit is perfection. The yellow belt–and the way you tied it–make this perfectly you. Well done!

Comment by Brooke

last picture is a great angle to show the flowers. 🙂 also, that belt + shoes = A++!

Comment by lumikha

lately your posts have been making me super homesick for philly.
i love the pop of color your yellow belt adds. really cute outfit.

Comment by wiley

Love the yellow belt, its the little accessories that can make an outfit great.

Comment by Roya

As said above- that yellow belt is rockin’ love the way you paired it with those neutral tones. Great blog!

Comment by Maria

lov the belt howd u tie it like that? there were no close up pics for me to see…

Comment by Kelsey

Grey + Yellow = one of my fave color match ^^

Comment by Carolina

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