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Ground control to Major Tom by eat.sleep.wear.
March 30, 2010, 8:15 am
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This was my weekend fun day with Brian and my rents. Oh how I love being outside. So, the outfit. 1. I LOVE DAVID BOWIE  2. I LOVEEEEEE band tshirts  3. I LOVE this jacket. I’m an old soul who loves me some rock and roll.

Basically, I come to this lake to walk and bird watch. It’s so relaxing and I wish I could do it every single weekend 🙂 Where do you like to go for a weekend escape?

jacket: forever21
shirt: h+m
boots: aldo
watch: modcloth 


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Love the jacket!

Comment by Chaucee

I like Island Beach State Park, in New Jersey, it’s an awesome beach/nature reserve! I also like your outfit!

Comment by Leah

that is ALSO a fav place of mine when I hit the beachhhhh! GREAT CHOICE!! xo, Kim

Comment by kimpesch

One of my dad’s favorite songs ever. He loved playing it on his guitar. I adore this look on you. So cool and casual.

My favorite weekend escape is in my backyard on a sunny day. But if it’s a special occasion, Bedford Springs. *clutches chest* Oh, how I love that place.

Comment by SWF_Terra

You look amazing! I love that jacket.

Comment by jenloveskev

seriously what do you eat/drink to get skin and hurrr like that? must be the devil’s work.. also, I have no idea how you tell time by glancing at your watch. it’s snazzy as hell, but I need numbers to help me out… ;

Comment by Merl

HAHAHAHAHa. You are hilarious. i love you. i take vitamins? maybe thats it? Also that watch is TOO cool for school. What ends up happening, i wear watches after the batteries die just because I think they look pretty 😉 xo, Kim

Comment by kimpesch

beautiful! I love the tee with that jacket!!

Comment by taylor

Gorgeous photos!! Love your jacket to pieces. Such a pretty girl.

Comment by Tieka | Selective Potential

that shirt rawks! and loove that jacket. 🙂

Comment by Mariel Marte

Wow, Forever 21 is really doing great things with their clothes! Love the jacket, looks awesome on you!

Live Love LA

Comment by neekoh

The jacket paired with the graphic tee is soooo cute!

Comment by Andrea Kerbuski

Thanks for featuring our watch! We appreciate the support!
❤ Aire

Comment by Aire

absolutely! LOVE the producttttsss!! xo, Kim

Comment by kimpesch

BOWIE!!!!!!! you are my new favorite for wearing this shirt!

Comment by Alix

That jacket and those boots go great together!

Comment by Danielle

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