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March 9, 2010, 9:46 pm
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A little birdie told me I should share the secrets of how I shop. Thanks Toggles!

The truth is, I could shop anytime, anywhere, with anyone. It’s just too easy for me to buy buy buy. Eventually, I got tired of the GUILT. “They have my size!”, “They look so good on my feet!”, “It’s so comfortable!”, “But I’ve alwaaaaays wanted one!” Um. How many times have YOU heard ME say these things? I blame my shopping companions for allowing me to overbuy. Ok, fine it’s not their fault – there is no possible way to argue me out of buying something I love slash something that looks great. I blame my mother. She never argues with me over retail, in fact, she pushes me to buy: “Melissa listen to me, if you don’t get this black dress today you’ll regret it down the road”, “It fits you perfectly!”, “You kept saying you always wanted one.” How many times have YOU heard HER say these things? I rest my case.

Before Kim and I began Crowded Closet, my shopping process was based solely upon impulse and, ahem, trend. It had little to do with strategically expanding my wardrobe in a specific direction. Oh, how far we have come! Recently, Kim and I have been discussing the next item(s) we plan to purchase – we talk about it almost everyday. We see these discussions as a way to focus our shopping goals, if you will. Kim and I both live in fantastic cities and are forever surrounded by awesome merchandise But instead of filling up at HnM on my lunch break and ruining my entire budget on unneeded crap*, I take the necessary time to plan my next attack.

On a daily basis, I absorb fashion from various sources: on my walk to work (NYC street style is so inspiring), by way of e-blast (Refinery29), online lookbooks (Shopbop), sometimes I’ll flip through fashion magazines (Vogue, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Harper’s) and even our fellow bloggers’ sites (see blogroll). This helps me focus on 1. avoiding my impulses (so hard), 2. which trends are worth it, and 3. what my wallet can really handle. Then I hunt, I kill and I wear. Not literally, relax.

I’m totally a mini man in this outfit – my new patent/studded shoes, my boyfriend blazer and my wide leg pants – which makes me feel like I look like my mother, Linda, circa 1981.

blazer: thrifted, Jones of New York
pants: Filene’s
t-shirt: Zara
shoes: Sam Edelman “Kennedy” flats
belt: Bebe
shades: RayBan Wayfarers
song on my mix: Just Fine by Mary J. Blige
coffee drink: City Bakery Two Tone (yum!)

*I love HnM, but I’d rather buy better quality, longer lasting, less trendy, higher thread count, clothing.


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I’ve caught myself doing the same damn thing with thrifting. “It’s so cheap, and unique!” is my usual go to mental slogan. However, I’ve started a list on the iphizzle of items I actually WANT, not just fall in love with when I see it. Fingers crossed that it works the next time I’m in st vinneys :S

Comment by Merl

lovely outfit! i love the way the jacket is highlighted. 🙂

Comment by Mariel

I’ve learned to not even be in a store anymore. I can not excercise self control!

And that Mary J. Blige song….I love it! It makes me dance everytime!

Comment by God's Favorite Shoes

that’s a killer outfit
jacket esp

Comment by erica

I think this is the transition a lot of women make in their 20s. It feels a little painful at first but starts to get easier and easier as time passes. You can always pick up a few cheapie items but those awesome, classic, quality pieces are the ones that will really make you feel good.

Comment by SWF_Terra

ovely outfit! i love the way the jacket is highlighted

Comment by grow taller

The middle picture has got to be the MOST cute thing i’ve ever seen. Breakin his neck! 🙂

Comment by CarrieNYC

Yeah I totally agree. Who is that cute guy?!

Comment by Trish

I’m liking your blazer!

Comment by Danielle

So love this post. I’m trying to be more strategic with my purchases as well. Love the look and especially the photo with the guy looking at you haha! so cute <33

Comment by Andrea Kerbuski

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