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March 3, 2010, 9:32 pm
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Beauty Inspiration: Lauren Bacall, 1920’s Glamour
Collection Inspiration: Francis Bacon-color blocking, flesh and blood

After looking through the collection, Geren and I spoke about the direction the makeup should take. She told me her vision and ideas, I shared my opinions and thoughts and then I got to work! Since I had a clear understanding of where Geren wanted to go, there was no hesitation in creating this look. I knew it had to be a combination of sultry-glamor with a touch of goth. But we had to be careful. We needed it to be not too glam, not too overdone, not too dark, not too tame… just the right mix. I think we nailed it! I kept it “not too glam” by skipping false lashes. I didn’t let it get “too dark” by using shimmer shadows that reflect light so even the dark gray shadow didn’t look heavy. To keep it a bit “undone” I left the brows, as there was no grooming necessary. I stayed away from “tame” with the shade of the lip. This is where I brought the Francis Bacon in. Think blood.

Want to create this look? Read below.

Here is how to create the look:
Apply foundation where needed to get flawless skin, dust powder all over face. Place extra layers of powder under eyes to collect unwanted shadow that falls (brush away after shadow step is complete).  Take a black pencil and trace your lash line from corner to corner top and bottom. Blend out the liner with a shimmery taupe shadow to diffuse the line. Stay below the crease of the lid with the shadow to create just the right intensity around the eye. Over the taupe shadow dust a gunmetal shadow over top focusing on the lash line (basically retrace the liner remains) and blend upwards still staying below the crease. Using a volume mascara put 2-3 coats on the top and bottom lashes. Line lips with red pencil, apply color, then place one layer of tissue over the lips and dust a translucent powder over top to get the semi matte finish. Use a matte taupe contour color to lightly shade directly below the cheek bone high on the face swept towards the ear. Reapply the black pencil in the inside corner of the eyes and there you have it!

Natural Finish Cream Concealer-NEW FOR FALL 2010
Translucent Powder
Luminizing Satin Eye Color Treo -Fire (OR 302)-NEW FOR FALL 2010
Luminizing Satin Eye Color -Alchemy (RD709)
Smoothing Eyeliner Pencil- Black (BK 901)
Perfect Mascara Defining Volume-Black (BK 901)-NEW FOR FALL 2010
Smoothing Lip Pencil-Siren (RD 305)
Perfect Rouge -Dragon (RD514) and Mystery (RD 613)

Buy the Shiseido products here, read more about Geren Ford on Nylon magazines website or visit the Geren Ford site

Photos by Morgan O’Donovan


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I’m loving the deep burgundy shade. Its so beautifully intense…

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