Crowded Closet

I’m workin for it! by Jenna
December 23, 2009, 12:18 pm
Filed under: Advice from Jenna Menard

I put myself together before a shoot or at least before last night I thought I did. I never wear too much makeup, my hair is usually tousled and a bit messy, my style is fairly basic I have been told by a stylist friend it’s “classic with a little twist.”

Last night I attended the holiday party of a photographer I work with often, but let me start by saying this was not just any photographer- he is quite legendary! This party is always full of familiar faces of the industry; ones I enjoy spending after work hours with! It’s never too fancy, no red carpet (actually there was a red carpet, but no paparazzi or press) just stylists, models, makeup artists, hairstylists, photo editors, fashion editors, agents etc. most of whom I can call friends!

Since I was not working and it was a party I decided to get myself ready as I would for a party…not work! I brushed my hair so it was straight not tousled, put a bit of makeup on and wore heels! I walked in and the photographer put his hand out very nicely and said “Well hello,” clearly thinking he had never met me before (yet I saw him 3 weeks ago!) I ¬†responded with “It’s me, Jenna!” He was shocked. I thought to myself, “Do I really look that different?” Apparently so! Later that night he was teasing with me about looking so different and said “What, did you decide to finally look in the mirror, do your hair, put some eyeliner on and work for it!?”

I can’t help but wonder: should I work harder to get myself ready for work each day? Or should I keep surprising everyone with what a little makeup and hair can actually do for a makeup artist herself?!


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