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Dress for the Job you want by eat.sleep.wear.
November 24, 2009, 10:11 am
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Q: I need some advice!!! Ok, so I’m finally about to start up this huge, career-making restaurant project and really want to make the right visual impression. So I need to wear an outfit that will:

A) Look professional. I’m young obviously so I need to dress in a way that encourages people to take me seriously and listen to what I have to say, but also…

B) Look creative, stylish, hip enough to be the designer of this hot spot restaurant (i.e. the banker-looking suits in my closet from my old office job just won’t do!) but at the same time still fit criteria A…

So you see my dilemma?! Yikes, I don’t even know where to start. The other piece of this is that it’s still sunny and in the mid/high 70’s during the day here, and all the ideas I’ve had so far are too winter.

 I’ve got the weekend to shop so let me know if you have any expert ideas? 

-Angela, FL

A: A Career woman. I LOVE that!

I think a lot of people struggle with this idea of having a sense of style and still being able to function in the corporate world. You want to have your own identity and I have a few tips on how to achieve this!

Since you are so lucky to live in Florida, I say embrace the skirt. A fitted pencil skirt is a SERIOUS must have for you. It can be so versatile and changed from a work piece to a play piece. I would pick a basic color so you can get more creative up top. (ex. Black, Brown, Grey …)

What do wear on top! Now being a lady, you have to make sure to “cover up your ladies.” So, I would say if you still want to keep it conservative, you could go with a fun patterned cardigan or a colored button up. Also, finding a more blousy top could also work for you. The contrast of the slim pencil cut could be complimented well with something bigger on top.

I think the key for you, will be to incorporate some color into your look, even if the clothes are more traditional. If not, focus on a statement piece of jewelry. That is a no miss way to spice up your look!

Inevitably, you need to find something that is YOU! Stay true to who you are and you will find the perfect outfit for your new job ventures!

Xoxo, Kim and Melissa

Here is a cute button up shirt from JCREW that rocks our world and is on sale! 


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