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Q&A: How do you winterize? by melissamenard
November 13, 2009, 4:44 pm
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A follower of our blog has a question! We can help you dear blogger!  You winterize your cars, and your homes, and your… boats? So why not winterize that summer dress!

Q: I need some help. I’ve been trying to winterize this dress so I don’t have to wait 8 months to wear it. I know I need to wear tights but I’ve been debating on the color. Do I do a heather gray or a dark brown? Then maybe booties (I need some)? or a pair of boots?? I’m so tired of trying to figure it out and getting nowhere. Any thoughts?

A: Gray AND brown!! I see a blazer, dark gray tights with brown or black booties, or flat boots, working well with this. I also see this going in the nautical direction so any brown/navy/silver colors or hardware seem appropriate. Another way to winterize your summer dresses is to throw a form-fitting sweater or cardigan that hits at your waist, over the dress. Dark gray, navy or an accent color, like orange, will work best with this navy and white dress. And voila! It will make it look like a skirt. If the cardigan is too long, cinch it with a brown leather belt.

This is the summer dress…


This is how you should layer it…

Picture 10


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